Conscious Erotic Arts: Play, Explore, Learn, Experience



Welcome to the Home of Artemisia de Vine, Conscious Erotic Arts Practitioner.

 I offer a sumptuous selection of Erotic Massage, Erotic Ritual and Conscious Sexuality sessions.  I also teach group Workshops and offer Private Lessons. There are opportunities to play, learn, explore and connect through consciously engaging in the full spectrum of the Conscious Erotic Arts.

Based in Surry Hills, Sydney, Australia but touring nationally and internationally.

Conscious Sexuality is about engaging with all aspects of human sexuality in a respectful, aware and consensual way. From making love to exploring kink and fantasy, all aspects of sexuality are more potent when engaged consciously: Present in the moment, connected and delicious.

It can also be about learning to go deeper.  One can listen to music while bopping around doing the chores and feel energised and pleasurable. It’s fun, good for you and healthy. However to consciously engage with music takes it to another level again. To give each note your full attention and feel each note fill and move your body, your emotions and indeed your whole being can take you to another world. You can become one with the music. Your mind stops chattering and your ego takes a back seat… You can more deeply connect with your authenticity, embodied wisdom and personal bliss. This same principle can be consciously applied to sexuality.

What are the Conscious Erotic Arts?  Read more here…