Play, Explore, Learn, Experience



Welcome to the Home of Artemisia de Vine’s sensual side.

 I offer a sumptuous selection of Erotic Massage, and full service escort play dates, as well as play sessions designed on your unique sexual blueprint using techniques to help you drop down deeper into the experience and get more out of it.    There are opportunities to play, learn, explore and connect through intentionally engaging in the full spectrum of the Erotic Arts.

While our play time together can be about a fun bit of release or the delicious sinking into feminine curves and companionship, they can also be an opportunity to explore your unique erotic wiring through play scenes, following the cookie crumbs of our natural turn ons, emotional aphrodisiacs and semi-conscious core erotic themes.  From making love to exploring kink and fantasy, all aspects of sexuality are more potent when engaged with awareness and intention.

Yes my darlings, although I am a divinely sensual being with a playful warmth and naughty streak, I am also a sex geek and I love to share my experience with you. xx