Australian Based Sexuality Practitioners (Touch and Talk based)

Artemisia de Vine : My other hat as Goddess of Conscious kink and BDSM.  

Emma M Dixon: Sydney-based sexuality educator, intimacy coach, and bodyworker.

Shelley: Sydney-based, sexological bodyworker and sensual spanker

Uma: Brisbane-based Tantrika and somatic sex educator

Deej Juventin: Brisbane-based somatic sex educator and sex coach for all genders.

Kirsteen A Farley : Brisbane-based, certified somatic sexologist, educator, intimacy & pleasure coach.

Ambrosia Aziz: Lismore-based, “Orgasm Queen” and “hands on” conscious sexuality practitioner. Tours major cities.

Danniel Shervey: Brisbane-based somatic loving therapist.

Chris Even:  Melbourne-based male sex-worker offering experiences that are tantric, therapuetic / sex-positive, and sometimes kinky.

Carol Mikkael: Melbourne-based Tantrika


Australian based Therapists and Counsellors (Talk based)

Catherine Carter
 Melbourne-based, transpersonal psychotherapist and counsellor, dedicated promoter of conscious sexuality, sensuality and feminine energy work. 

Cyndi Darnell: Melbourne-based sex therapist and educator, workshop facilitator, relationship and sexual health counsellor, sex coach, event co-ordinator, sexologist, and public speaker. 

Tanya Koens:  Sydney’s best sex therapist and relationship counsellor specialising in conscious, authentic relating to self and others.


UK and Europe Based

Rebecca Lowrie: is a London-based practitioner of conscious and sacred sexuality to enable people to expand their possibilities of sensuality, intimacy and love.

Ruby May: is a Berlin-based practitioner working with conscious sexuality, tantra and BDSM.