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Ph: 0488278839 Email:

Next Tour dates are:  

Canberra Sept 4th-8th

Melbourne Sept 12th-19th

Sydney Sept 20th-24th

Pre-booking & Deposit:  While some last minute sessions may become avail, it is far better to ensure you spot by sending me an email and paying your deposit. 

Location: Currently on holidays overseas

Available times:  7 days,  10am – 10pm  (Can go later if pre-arranged)  Please do not call outside of these times. 

Contact Etiquette: 
You may email me to make initial contact while I am overseas but once I am in Australia (from Sept 3rd 2017 this time round), please call, and introduce yourself, rather than text as I need to speak to you to get a feel for whether or not we are on the same page.  This benefits both of us!  Also, I simply cannot keep up with all the text conversations all day every day… a quick phone conversation is so much more manageable.

In your email please provide the following information: 

  1. Introduce yourself! We are two humans wanting to play together, not a pizza for order! 
  2. What kind of session are you hoping for?  Full service GFE? Anal massage?  Role play? Dominant Girlfriend? Exploration session etc.  See session types for inspiration.   
  3. Day and Times available.
  4. Length of play date you are hoping to book (See types of sessions for recommended times.  Some sessions have set lengths).  

If you call on the phone and I am in a booking and cannot answer, you may send a text quickly introducing yourself, the type of session you are interested in and the times/days you have available and I will let you know when I am free to speak next so we can have a quick chat on the phone.

Please do not call on a blocked number as I will not answer.

Phone: 0488 278 839 (This number will only work once I am back in Australia from Sept 3rd 2017).

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