Erotic Massage-based Sessions:

De Vine Erotic Massage
30min test taste ***special*** $180
60min $350

Tie and Tease: with wave after wave of edging:
This session is only available in 90mins as that is how long the full experience takes to unfold.
90mins  $500 

Deluxe Anal & Prostate Full Body Erotic Indulgence:
This session is only available in 2hrs as that is how long the full experience takes to unfold. 
2hrs $500

See types of sessions for more details on each of these options.


 Escort & Full Service Style Play Dates: 

Naughty Quickie: 
Fun & naughty service for those times when you just have to scratch that itch and be back in the office before anyone notices!  (Oral and sex only)
30min: $200

Girlfriend Experience, Dominant Girlfriend, Fetish Sex & Deeper Sexploration Play Dates:

For those who want more intimacy & companionship, kink, sexploration & added services in their sexual play.

See here for details on each play date style.
30mins $250
1hr: $450
90mins $700
2hrs $900
Dinner Date: 2hrs dinner + 2 hrs play time $1300
12 hr Overnight: 2500
14 hr Overnight (includes morning sex) $3000
24 hours $6000
Weekend Away 48hrs $10,000

For BDSM or Mistress style sessions, see my other website .
Note: I never offer full service in my role as Mistress as they are two entirely different aspects of me with two entirely different power dynamics and intentions.  If I have seen you as a slave, or submissive in the past, I will not accept your application for full service here.