Please note that some of these reviews and feedback emails I recieved from clients refer to my old working names “Charlotte Eclair” and “Avika de Vine”. If you have feedback you’d like to give me to add to this page, you are welcome to email me through the contacts page. Any minor edits I put into your words will be put in brackets. Nothing else will be changed. You can remain anonymous.

“That was unbelievable! You put so much heart and soul into that I couldn’t believe it. I haven’t felt this good sexually since I was 17. To be nurtured and the TLC by someone who understands. So much heart and soul. Cheers to the best service I’ve ever had. It’s exhilerating!” – Anon 60yo Sydney 2013

“I didn’t feel as though I had erogenous zones, I felt like I was one big erogenous zone!” – Anon 55yo Sydney 2014

“Hi All, you guys need to spend some quality time with Artemisia (then Avika)…..I travel extensively all round the world and have experienced erotic massage in many places including London, New York and even Paris but to find the Rolls Royce of massage desire right here in Australia by Artemisia is pleasing to say the least….no need to ask to many questions just go with her, she will take you to a place that you have never been before, I can vouch for that. Artemisia provides an absolutely awesome service of erotic and extremely sensual massage experience that will outlast any full service option you could ever dream of. Artemisia is delightful in every way…..I can’t wait to get back…. I opted for 90 minutes from the start, should have been 180 minutes it was that pleasurable but I thought I would save the extra pleasure for another day. Do you body a favour and visit this wonderful lady….. Cheers Paul” (50) Sydney

“Just a huge thank you again for so generously indulging me in your tender arm and hands (and more) this morning. It was a beautifully unique and blissful experience. I walked around all day with an enormous smile on my face. Mmmm. Can’t wait to see you again. It was really very special. You have unique skills and I’m so glad you share them. One happy Sydney guy.” -Erotic massage/girlfriend experience deluxe combo

“so, finding myself with some spare time and in need of some creative relaxation, i found myself drawn to artemisia’s website (then avika). Luckily for me she could see me at an agreeable time,and so arrangements were made. She styles herself as offering a premium erotic massage, and that is completely delivered. In looks she is rubenesque, in manner she is both charming and forthright, and her massage is both relaxing, and ultimately wildly erotic. If you want a supermodel pretending to care while focussing on the clock, go elsewhere. Artemisia is a voluptuous provider of erotic pleasure, and clearly enjoys what she does. Ill be back. Cheers. N (43 yrs)”

“That was unbelievable!  I have no words.  You are an erotic choreographer.  I really have no words”. – G Sydney 2013

“I recently took a leap of faith and made a booking with Artemisia (then Charlotte) for her hour (escort) service. I sent her an initial email as a general enquiry and then following her response, that was promptly returned, I gave her a phone call to book in for the next day. Artemisia exudes a special quality that I noticed almost as soon as I stepped over the threshold. It is a quality that made me feel relaxed, happy and ready to fully give into the experience without reservation. The experience can be anywhere from mild to wild with a dose of humour and laughter thrown in. I initially made the booking to deal with a need that us blokes get from time to time but quite simply I would say that the service is so complete and fulfilling it was beyond what I had dreamt and hoped for. Life for me over the last couple of years has been unsettling for a number of reasons but I found that Artemisia gave me back a sense of equilibrium and balance during our brief encounter. I suppose you could say that it wasn’t just a superb physical experience, for me it was also the spiritual healing that I did not expect. Artemisia’s written description of herself and her service is accurate but I found her to be more attractive in person than what I was expecting from the photos I saw on the web site she was advertising on. In person she really exudes sex appeal and genuinely seems to enjoy the experience and enjoyment she is providing. Writing a review probably isn’t something I would normally take the time to do but I got something extra out of my date with Charlotte that makes recapping the experience in writing a pleasure. I’ll be going back for some more play time and on reflection there isn’t anything negative I have to share. It was an excellent experience. Signed McW” (Brisbane 2012)

“Hi Artemisia,
My name is Nick and I had the pleasure of your company last Thursday,
I wanted to leave a note thanking you for a wonderful experience. It
has been a week, now that I’m back home and had time take it all in.
The reason I selected you to be my first, was partially the way you
look, being in your 30’s and voluptuous, but it was mostly what you
said on website. Things like “I’ve set myself a goal: Stop having sex,
start experiencing sex” it gave me the confidence that you would
provide a great environment for me to explore sex for the first time.
That was the experience I had and more. I loved the way you started
the session, with slow gentle touch, that sent chills through my body,
you gave me the space to explore and for that I thank you.
I saw a second sex worker two days later, she was wonderful as well, a
different experience, I was going to see her first until I found your
site. I’m so glad that I saw you first.
I will have further experiences from now on, every now and then.
Thanks again for sharing my first time.
I wish I was far more articulate to truly express the joy you gave me.” – May 2013

“I’m just coming off the high from the other day… you can put this on your website. I had the pleasure to spend an hour of absolute bliss with this lady, she took me on a journey that I hadn’t been before an felt like I could touch the sky, it was a great experience and one that I would love to experience again.” ‘D’ – Cairns 2012

“SO much more than a rub and tug. I feel like I’ve finally been touched the way I always wanted to be touched but never knew I wanted if that makes sense? If you want a cheap rub an tug, go somewhere else. If you want someone who can take you to places for real, go see Artemisia”. Ron – 2012 Cairns

“As a mental health professional interested in sexual health, wellbeing and trauma, I come into contact with a number of sex workers and sex professionals and my respect and admiration for Artemisia’s work is next to none. This is because of the dedication she has towards her calling and her passion and integrity of her efforts shines through brightly.
Artemisia has a rare and cherished gift of deep compassion – she holds up her profession seriously and in turn has taken it upon herself to seek out further training in self care and the care of others.
This shows in her natural skill and ability to deeply engage in meeting the needs of her clients, especially for those who come to her for healing, and for those who had not expected to be really seen and understood by anyone; Artemisia fills that gap and pays homage to the soul of the person she engages with, she is a true healer.
It takes a lot of courage to stand up and believe in oneself when the world at large misunderstands the true nature of sex work and therefore sits in fear, judgement and condemnation. And yet there she stands, bravely, humbly and graciously, making a real difference and contribution to the world, a world that is hungry for real human interaction, understanding and touch.
I feel that the world is a better place for having Artemisia in it and have no hesitation in referring clients to her highly specialised area of human interaction.” Cath Carter

“Artemisia is an important part of the sexual revolution, it is an honor to know her. I like the fact that she has respect for herself, and respect for her clients, and won’t accept people who can’t play by both those rules. In doing so, she sets up a far more meaningful, pleasurable and holistic exchange. I think this is what the world is really lusting for, and Artemisia is the perfect person to be in that role. I love hearing about how she takes the time to genuinely connect with people, and stay with them on their journey of sexual discovery. And the way she finds beauty, wherever it may be hiding. Engage her intellectually and you will pleased on many levels! Finally, as a sex-positive educator and pro kinkster, she knows everything there is to know about subjects that most people have never heard of. Highly recommended!” – Chris Even, Melbourne

“After showering I lay down on the table and after a few strokes I released I was with a lady who really knew what she was doing.  She is certainly gifted at massaging every inch of my body including my anal area and prostate.  I was incredibly pleasing and Artemisia was a delight to be with, with a great sense of humour and the ability to me you feel like a special person.” – Paul, Sydney, 61yo, 2014

“I can honestly say that I got so much more than I expected. I didn’t know I could feel that way” – Ben 38yo South Australia 2012

“Best. Massage. EVER. You can quote me on that”. Greg, Byron Bay 2011

“I used to be a professional masseur and I can tell you that Artemisia’s (sessions) are a rare treat. Her touch is so soft and sensual. She really knows what she’s doing” – Surfer Matt, Lismore 2011

“I had the need and went to visit Artemisia (was Avika) for a bit of relief but got so much more than that. I dunno how to say really. She’s something special this one”. – Arron 50 Melbourne 2010

“Artemisia my dear, I have never had anyone put so much effort and feeling into their service! Some ladies charge a premium for their service and its hardly worth it. You are worth every penny.” Rob 57, Cairns 2012

“Having known Artemisia for several years I was intrigued when she started offering erotic massages, but felt her descriptions gave me little idea what to expect. Now having had one I think that is because they are almost beyond description. What I can say is that if you are just chasing pleasure with a beautiful woman you will have a fine time, but have plenty of choices elsewhere. If you want to learn new things about yourself, about sex and joy and how you can experience your body in new ways you may never have imagined then Artemisia offers all that, and you may have trouble finding it elsewhere.” – Stephen, Scientist, 42, Melbourne, 2012

“I have had the pleasure to visit Artemisia (was Charlotte) on a few occasions and on all visits have had an amazing visits, such a sexy, gourgous lady, her warm smile sets you at ease she is so easy to talk to and make you feel great, she has sexy curves and her pic are a true indication of what you will see, she has a body you will love to explore She takes you on a wonderful sexual adventure and loves to help you explore your sexual desires, The lady is a true professional and i can’t wait for more wonderful visits” – Collin 36 Cairns 2012

“Artemisia (was Charlotte) is every inch a lady and I highly recommend a visit. I am a lover of curves and boy does she have some dangerous ones! She openly admits she is no super model but there sure is something so hot about her. Some people have just got it and Charlotte has it in spades. I felt really comfortable and really worked up at the same time.” – Greg 56, 2012 Cairns

“I’ve been seeing Artemisia (was Charlotte) for three years now and I never get tired of it. It’s like going to see a lover and friend. She never rushes and puts her heart into it. She’s sure taught me a trick or two!” – Brenton 37, Brisbane 2012

“Thank you so much Artemisia (was Charlotte). I can’t stop thinking about last night! It was so sexy and you are so easy to get along with. And that body! You are my dream girl” – Mark 33, Byron Bay 2011

“Your pictures don’t do you justice. You are so much better in real life. I can’t forget those eyes…” – Pete 44, Sydney 2012

“Strange but that was so intimate. How did you do that? I have only felt this way once before and it took years of marriage to get there. I don’t mean that I’m in love with you or anything weird like that. Just, I dunno, I haven’t got the words. But that was REAL.” – Simon, Melbourne 2010