Anal Massage Session


Artemisia nude escort CEAThe ultimate indulgence for anal play lovers!

This is similar to The de Vine erotic massage  including the exquisite wave after wave of pleasure but this session has more of an anal focus.  There is a real art to sensual erotic anal play and I have a lot of experience and very skilled hands.   I have learned from the best, Joseph Kramer, world renown teacher of pain-free, deeply pleasurable anal play. This session includes full body erotic touch, hot oil, skin on skin pleasure where I use my soft breasts all over your body with an emphasis on exquisite external anal stimulation as well as prostate stimulation. Toys are also an option. I use a slow, skilled technique to open you sensually without forcing anything. Your body will be the guide to how far you are ready to go. Multiple tantric-style genital strokes included. Note: Full service NOT available in this session.

I’ve blogged about why my Anal & Prostate Massages are so famous here… 

This session is 2 hrs in total including in depth consultation where I teach you techniques to drop down into the experience and get more out of it.

Fee: $500