Conscious Erotic Bodywork


Bodywork is more than just treating your physical body. Bodywork acknowledges that your emotions, memories, thoughts and energy are all interconnected and stored in your body. By consciously engaging your being through touch in a holistic manner it is possible to access deep states of being, healing, personal transformation, insights, pleasure, catharsis and to re-wire your neurology to access even more of your sexual pleasure.

Bodywork sessions combine practical skill and intuition. Erotic bodywork sessions also harness your sexual energy and state of consciousness to take the experience even further.

These sessions are different from person to person and the form they take is negotiated together in a free consultation before we begin. Your intent could be anything from wanting to expand your ability to fully experience your erotic pleasure, to healing past traumas, to wanting to learn and practice the skills to last longer naturally. You may also want to consciously explore the states of ecstatic pleasure possible while aroused or consciously fully connect with you whole being, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

There are many possibilities. Feel free to call and discuss what a session could look like for you. Please note that full service is NOT available in this session.

90mins $400
2 hours $500