The de Vine Erotic Massage Session


Artemisia nude escort CEAThe de Vine Erotic Massage Session: This is the utterly divine, full-body, sensual, erotic experience that I am famous for. This session is about being held and erotically pampered… about lying back and receiving with no pressure to perform while being erotically teased and pleasured on all levels. It’s a whole being journey into eroticism, not just a massage with “physical release”.

This session can include edging if requested.  This means intentionally bringing you to the brink of orgasm again and again until you beg for release.

I have put together the best techniques I have learned from world-class teachers and created a truly unique session.   The focus here is on the journey as well as the destination and is a chance to fully let go and surrender to pleasure.   I draw on aspects of tantra, sexological bodywork, lomilomi, toaist techniques and much more.

Please take the time to read client feedback and reviews on this session.  Note: this session is not full service.

  • 30mins test taste $180 *For the time poor
  • 60mins $350
  • 90mins $500 *Recommended