Taoist Erotic Session


This session is adapted from Joseph Kramer’s Taoist Erotic sessions and is sometimes refered to as the “LSD of erotic massage” due to the profound awakenings and insights that often occur through this highly pleasurable journey.   Joseph Kramer is the founder of sexological bodywork, body electric and is an amazing erotic pioneer. A similar style of session is described by Barbara Carrellas in her book “Urban Tantra”. I have been fortunate enough to learn from both Joseph and Barbara and now bring you the opportunity to experience it directly.

My style is slightly different but takes the best of both. Be guided in how to cycle your erotic energy and build it internally, explore multiple genital strokes and be guided into a technique called “The big draw” that shoots your erotic energy up through your being and allows you to float in it. Very interesting things happen in that state. It is a whole different eroticism that allows you to access parts of yourself that normally lie dormant and explore erotic states of consciousness. It is something that needs to be experienced to be understood. The results are different for everyone but common reactions are a feeling of being energised while experiencing deep peace and bliss, personal insights and transformation, full body erotic sensations, heart opening and deeper erotic pleasure.

Note that in this session I need to teach you four different breaths, PC muscle techniques and “the big draw” before we get on the table. You then experience approx  60-80mins of receiving touch and being guided into the experience followed by a debrief and discussion of techniques to practice at home. This is a non ejaculatory session as you learn to release the sexual energy though your whole being, rather than leak it out like you would normally when you ejaculate. Some people experience full body orgasms from this process. Orgasms and Ejaculation are two separate things and one can be achieved without the other with practice allowing men to experience multiple orgasms.

Note: Initial session must be 2 hours to learn technique and have time to put it into practice on the table.

  • 90mins $400
  • 2 hours $500 *Recommended to get the full benefit
  • Package of 3x 2hr session $1200 (saving of $300)