Archetype Ritual


An opportunity to explore erotic archetypes in a conscious role play ritual. Sexual fantasies are like our dreams as in they are a doorway to our subconsicous. The difference is that when we tap into our sexual fantasies, we are awake but in a different sexual state of consciousness. This gives us a unique opportunity to interact with this aspect of ourselves. When we intentionally engage with these re-occurring archetypes in a consensual ritual, not only can it be incredibly arousing but other potent and unexpected things can happen that ripple out into our lives. Deep pleasure, insight, personal transformation, discovery, connecting with something bigger than ourselves are all possible through conscious engaging with erotic archetypes.

Like our dreams, our sexual fantasies are not always politically correct and each of us is wired a little differently so I take the time to help you discover what your hot buttons are in relation to archetypes and guide you through creating a consensual ritual to help you embody and explore that archetype. Or if you prefer, I will embody a particular archetype so you can interact with that energy. We will work out an intent and design activities around that together. I will guide you into the techniques you need to consciously engage in this ritual. Common archetypes are teacher/naughty school student, Nurse/Doctor/patient, Adult/baby, Goddess/slave, Angry partner, Deeply loving God/dess, unrequited love and so much more. I am very open minded and accepting.

This session requires a minimum of 2hrs to allow us time to consult, design a ritual around your unique erotic wiring and enact the ritual as well as de-brief at the end.

2hr from $500