Tie and Tease Ritual


Tie and Tease Ritual: Experience the ritual of being tied in rope or restrained in other surprising and elegant ways. Experience the ritual of igniting and depriving the senses in a dance of sensations. Session begins with exercises and techniques to connect with breath and be embodied fully in the moment so you can more fully experience and surrender to pleasure.

The Intention in this instance is not the same as a normal tie and tease.  It is to be guided into a sort of erotic meditation state that is fully aware and present in each moment.  It is a ritual of embodiment and consciousness that allows you to more fully experience your arousal, each exquisite sensation and the states of being possible as a consequence.  It is about having the intension to surrender and let go and open to something within you that bigger than your everyday self.    Each person experiences this differently.  For you it may be about developing a deeper relationship with your erotic self, it may be an experience of bliss… or a healing ritual… it may be about connecting with your  spiritual sexual self or simply out of curiosity to get to know yourself better.  The key here is presence and surrender.

Skills:  As is appropriate to your current skill level and personal intention, you will be guided into the skills needed to enter sexually aroused but present and embodied states of being including :

  • Tantric breathing techniques
  • Ways of consciously moving and expanding your erotic energy throughout your being
  • The “big draw” technique sometimes referred to as the LSD of sexual experiences (2hr session needed for this).


90mins from $375

2 hrs from $500 *Recommended